ICOPLAST Committee Overview

ICOPLAST has identified the following committees to carry out the work of the Organization. Additional special purpose committees and/or task forces may be added as needed.  Membership is open to the individual members of all member national societies. 

Committee List

Patient Safety 

The Committee on Patient Safety will serve as a resource to national plastic surgery societies, health ministries, patients and the public on the safety and efficacy of new procedures and devices; it will develop guidelines/position statements for dissemination to health ministries worldwide; and will communicate and coordinate breaking news of plastic surgery safety issues to facilitate a coordinated message for dissemination to member national societies. It will develop and maintain a roster of global "Subject Matter Experts".


The Committee on Education will oversee teaching and training in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, and develop and coordinate clinical and other educational content for programs held in conjunction with national and regional society meetings; and freestanding congresses when applicable.


The Committee on Humanitarian Activities will serve as an umbrella organization to set standards, to promote and support the highest standards of plastic surgery efforts of plastic surgeons and related charitable care organizations providing volunteer services to areas of need, including disaster relief.

Audit (2016-2017 Members Selected)

The purpose of the Audit Committee is to provide oversight of the financial reporting process, the audit process, the system of internal controls and compliance with laws and regulations.   

Website Committee

The Website Committee is charged with the development of the new ICOPLAST website scheduled to launch Fall 2017. Committee members are key to providing quality content as a benefit to the members of ICOPLAST to further the advancement of plastic surgery worldwide.

Ethics committee

The Committee on Ethics will serve as an advisory body to member societies over ethical issues in plastic surgery.  The committee will work with members on harmonization of ethical standards as agreed upon by its members.  It will oversee the Board of Directors Code of Conduct, and serve as an investigative body over any concerns express by a member society or a member of the Board of Directors.

Professional Standards Committee

The Committee on Professional Standards will monitor the external environment as it relates to the practice of plastic surgery as a distinct and specific profession.  It will communicate and clarify to the public and policymakers the education and training required of plastic surgeons.  The committee will keep the public informed of newsworthy issues related to plastic surgery.