The Council of National Delegates is pleased to announce the formation of the International Confederation of Plastic Surgery Societies, ICOPLAST.  This new confederation has been formed as a non-profit organization with a mission to improve patient outcomes worldwide; to educate, communicate, advocate and advance the specialty of Plastic Surgery globally; to ensure that quality and safety are the essential components of reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery training and patient care, and to encourage collaboration of national plastic surgery societies worldwide.

The core values of ICOPLAST are to provide benefits for patients, benefits for plastic surgeons and benefits for plastic surgery.

During meetings in Chicago, Frankfurt, Bruges and Boston representatives from countries around the world met to discuss a new way forward for international plastic surgery and the first steps toward the foundation of a new organization were taken.  Finally during the XXI Ibero-Latin American Congress of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Punta del Este, Uruguay in March 2016, the International Confederation of Plastic Surgery Societies (ICOPLAST) was formally launched by sixty-two founding member societies.

The purpose of ICOPLAST is to educate, communicate, advocate and advance the specialty of plastic surgery globally, all in the widest sense of the word.  The confederation will achieve this purpose by facilitating communications and education among national plastic surgery societies as well as by all other means that are conducive to that purpose as a not-for-profit organization.

ICOPLAST will openly welcome national societies that wish to join.  ICOPLAST does not belong to any continent, region or country but supports plastic surgeons worldwide.

Given the extensive number of plastic surgery meetings that already occur, ICOPLAST will not organize stand-alone meetings but will meet in association with existing conferences of regional societies.  It will focus on providing an online platform to share knowledge and provide opportunities for plastic surgeons to engage and interact without the need for additional travel.


Council of National Delegates

ICOPLAST has been formed as a confederation of societies.  Its members are national plastic surgery societies rather than individual plastic surgeons.  Each national plastic surgery society has representation on a Council of National Delegates. The Council of National Delegates is the ultimate governing body of ICOPLAST to which the Board of Directors is accountable.  The Council has the authority to make statements of policy, review management reports, elect members to the Board of Directors, approve committees, review and approve budgets proposed by the Board of Directors, review the annual financial audit, approve dues and assessment amounts as proposed by the Board and to ratify or refuse other recommendations of the Board.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages the day-to-day operations of the confederation.   The Board is accountable to the Council of National Delegates for the results of its management of the confederation and the Council of National Delegates have the right to recall the Board and request regional federations or societies to nominate replacement board members if the professional management is found to be unsatisfactory.

The following individuals were nominated by the members of the regions, and ratified by the Council of National Delegates.  Their contact information is included, and they would welcome any questions or comments you may have regarding ICOPLAST.



Vivien Jandera, South Africa, vivien@drjandera.co.za


Kotaro Yoshimura, Japan, kotaro-yoshimura@umin.ac.jp



Norma Cruz, Puerto Rico, normacruz001@gmail.com

Julio Daniel Kirschbaum, Peru, consultas@kirschbaumplasticsurgery.com



Graeme Perks, UK, graemeperks@doctors.org.uk

Hinne Rakhorst, Netherlands, Secretary, rakhorst@gmail.com



Ahmed Khashaba, Egypt, khashaba_a@hotmail.com



Howard Clarke, Canada, Historian

Lucie Lessard, Canada, drlessard@gmail.com

Robert X. Murphy, Jr, USA, Treasurer, robert.murphy@lvhn.org



Rodney Cooter,  Australia, President, rdcooter@plasticsurgeryadelaide.com


General Assembly

A general assembly of the Board of Directors, the Council of National Delegates and individual members of the national societies may be convened.  The General Assembly will serve as a forum for communication for the Council of National Delegates and the individual members of the national societies. The General Assembly will receive reports and provide a platform for new initiatives and ideas.