ICOPLAST Award of Excellence: Amin Kalaaji

Norway / The Norwegian Association of Plastic Surgeons


Amin Kalaaji, MD, PhD, is clinic chief and consultant plastic surgeon at Oslo Plastic Surgery Clinic in Oslo, Norway. He has held this position for 16 years. For 10 years prior, he was a consultant plastic surgeon/vice chief and chief in the plastic surgery departments at Telemark Central Hospital and Oslo University Hospital in Norway.

Dr. Kalaaji completed his surgical training in Paris, France, and Gothenburg, Sweden, where he also earned his PhD in bone grafting of cleft lip and palate.

In the last 10 years, his most focus has been on aesthetic breast surgery, including aesthetic augmentation with fat grafting; a new method including logarithm to treat inverted nipples; intimate surgery, gluteal augmentation with fat and quality of life (QoL) after aesthetic surgery (eg, breast, intimate, and nose surgery).

He has published many peer-reviewed scientific papers and has presented more than 230 lectures, courses, and invited-speaker lectures in plastic and aesthetic surgery worldwide as in ASAPS, ISAPS, ISPRES, IMCAS and many National and International Aesthetic Surgery Meetings. He currently serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery, reviewer in Aesthetic Surgery Journal and participates as faculty in global aesthetic courses for the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

Dr. Kalaaji is an active member and a board member of the Norwegian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons and a past board member of the Norwegian Society of Plastic Surgeons. He is also active member the Swedish Society of Plastic Surgeons; the Nordic Society of Plastic Surgeons; and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), including its international and education/program committees the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) and the International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgery (ISPRES). In October 2015 and 2017, he served as chairman of the 1st and 2nd Norwegian American Aesthetic Meeting (NAAM 1,2) in Oslo, Norway. Since July 2017 he has been elected as National Secretary for ISAPS in Norway for 4 years term.

Lecture List


  • Primary Aesthetic Breast Augmentation Using Autologous Fat Grafting: Indications and Comparison Between Different Processing Methods in 156 Cases- 9 years’ experience. 11 videos. (Published in part 2015)

  • Hybrid Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants Conversion with Fat Grafting. 4 videos.

  • New Technique for Surgical Correction of Inverted Nipples with Rigotomy-Tunnulization and Fat Grafting with Application of a Safe, Simple and Cost-Effective Suspension Device. The Introduction of Treatment Algorithm. 13 years’ Experience in 222 Nipples, 4 videos. (Manuscript)

  • Breast Enlargement with Implants: Quality of Life, Characteristics and Depression Rate. 2 videos. (Published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal 2013)

  • Quality of Life After Breast Enlargement With Implants Versus Augmentation Mastopexy: A Comparative Study. 3 videos. (Published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal 2018)

Gluteal Augmentation with Fat, Fat Grafting and Body Contouring

  • Gluteal Augmentation with Fat: Our Safety Study of 92 Cases and Literature Review of Highest Death Rate in Aesthetic Surgery. Patients Safety First or We Shall Stop Doing the Procedure? (6 videos) (Published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal 2018)

  • Body Contouring, Fat Grafting and Liposuction: Patients’ Selection, Assessment and Consent (5 videos)

Mommy Makeover and Other Combined Procedures in Aesthetic Surgery

  • Mommy Makeover and Other Combined Aesthetic Procedures: What Are the Recommended Combinations and the Techniques Related to Them. Challenges in Selections, Performing and Follow up. (7 videos) (Manuscript)

Patient Safety in Aesthetic Procedures and in Combined/High Risk Aesthetic Procedures

  • Challenges and Safety in Combined/High Risk Aesthetic Procedures: Morbidity and Mortality, Limits, Postop Pain Relief and Quick Recovery. A Study of 178 Cases (5 videos) (Manuscript)

  • Safety in Aesthetic Surgery: Fat Transfer for Gluteal augmentation An Example of the Highest Mortality Rate in the Literature for Aesthetic Procedures. (6 videos) (Published in part in Aesthetic Surgery Journal 2018)

  • Multicenter Survey: Safety in Aesthetic Procedures: What Are the Limits? Mortality and Morbidity, Postoperative Pain Relief, and Quick Recovery (in progress)

Intimate Female Genital Rejuvenation Surgery

  • Intimate Female Genital Rejuvenation Surgery Techniques: Retrospective Study in 242 Procedures. (6 videos). (Manuscript)

  • Quality of Life in Anonymous Study With 125 Intimate Female Genital Rejuvenation Surgery Patients (174 procedures). (4 videos) (Submitted to publication 2018)


  • QoL in Rhinoplasty (Nose-Q) —Satisfaction with Nose and Nostrils. A Preliminary Report of the New Device Application for Quality of Life in 221 Rhinoplasty Patients. (1 video). (Manuscript)

  • Our Experience in Surgical correction of Asian Eyes. Retrospective Study of 61 Cases. (2 videos) (Manuscript)

  • Chin Augmentation with Fat Grafting. Is There Still a Need for Chin Implant? (2 videos)

Practice Management

  • How to Establish and Run a Private Aesthetic Surgery Practice. A plastic Surgeon’s Own 16 Years’ Experience and Perspectives.

  • How to Deal with the Unhappy Patients? Prevention or Treatment?

  • Marketing Regulations and Ethics in Aesthetic Surgery: Where Are the Plastic Surgeons?