Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages the day-to-day operations of the confederation.   The Board is accountable to the Council of National Delegates for the results of its management of the confederation and the Council of National Delegates have the right to recall the Board and request regional federations or societies to nominate replacement board members if the professional management is found to be unsatisfactory.

The following individuals were nominated by the members of the regions, and ratified by the Council of National Delegates.  Their contact information is included, and they would welcome any questions or comments you may have regarding ICOPLAST.


Vivien Jandera, South Africa


Kotaro Yoshimura, Japan

Central and South America

Julio Daniel Kirschbaum, Peru

Norma Cruz, Puerto Rico


Graeme Perks, United Kingdom

Hinne Rakhorst, Netherlands (Secretary)

Middle East

Ahmed Khashaba, Egypt

North America

Lucie Lessard, Canada

Robert X. Murphy, Jr, United States (Treasurer)


Rodney Cooter, Australia (President)